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Note: The author of the report recommends reading through the report before accessing the links below. These links are also available within the Evaluation Phase & The Future of the PCM section of this online report. 

PCM Informational & Instructional Site

PCM Informational & Instructional Site, which was provided to the student teams in order to follow bite-sized information, act upon the step-by-steps and download information and template documentation.

PCM Student Team's Template Pages

PCM template collection of Mahara pages for Stage 1 - Stage 4, which hold sub-sections with further instructions for each of the teams to embed digital evidence surrounding their contract.

Treeforce Tree Care PCM Mahara Evidence

Fully completed PCM collection of Mahara pages for Stage 1 - Stage 4 which hold TreeForce Tree Care's digital evidence for their PCM Kirkmichael Manse contract.

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SRUC,Barony Campus

Advanced Certificate in Arboriculture

Practical Contract Management Project (PCM) 2015-16




Ali Hastie
PCM Project Leader


SRUC, Barony Campus e-Learning Developer


Andrew Treadaway
PCM Project Sub-Leader


SRUC, Barony Campus Arboriculture Lecturer